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If you are looking to offer effortless karaoke at your venue, without requiring a host, then crowdDJ Karaoke Jukebox is the perfect solution.

This karaoke mode is suited to informal and casual events. ​​​​​​​Song requests can be made via the crowdDJ app or a crowdDJ Kiosk and are automatically played in the order queued by participants.

All that staff are required to do is turn karaoke on and the participants take it from there.

If you think a hosted karaoke style is more for you, check out our Karaoke Event solution.

Starting Karaoke

  1. Open the Manage My Nightlife App and navigate to the Controls screen.
  2. Expand Mode Controls.
  3. Toggle Karaoke ON and then press OK.
    • crowdDJ will switch to karaoke mode for the guests to begin requesting songs to sing.

Requests will play automatically in the order that they are selected. If required, staff can SKIP or RESTART a track using the control bar.

Ending Karaoke

When you’re ready to end the Karaoke event, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Controls screen.
  2. Expand Mode Controls.
  3. Toggle Karaoke OFF.
    • crowdDJ will switch back to regular song requests.
  4. If there are any karaoke songs left in the playlist that need clearing, navigate to the Queue Lists screen and on the Currently Queued Lists tab. Click the Clear Playlist button at the bottom of the screen.
    • The playlist will then revert back to scheduled lists.

crowdDJ® Karaoke: How to Host Karaoke with a Guest-Host from Nightlife Music on Vimeo.

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Updated on June 4, 2024

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