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Member Draw

Run a custom Random Draw, by uploading a spreadsheet file (.csv) with Member names, numbers or other details. Designed specifically for member draws and raffles but can work with any spreadsheet of entries in the correct file format.

Member Draw must be configured from the Web App. Once it has been set up, the draw itself can be run from the mobile app (App Store or Google Play).


  • Be a Nightlife customer
  • Have the appropriate screens in your venue switched to the Nightlife channel
  • Have the Manage My Nightlife Web App open on your computer
  • Download the free Manage My Nightlife app from the App Store or Google Play (For running the draw only)
  • Have your Manage My Nightlife login credentials ready
  • Sign into the app on your phone, Nightlife Tablet or PC.

Configuring Member Draw

If the Random Draw button in Mode Controls is disabled, contact us over Live Chat or by phone to reactivate this feature.

To configure Member Draw , follow the steps below:

Enable Random Draw from the Mode Controls screen to get started.
  1. Sign in to the Manage My Nightlife web app.
  2. Click on the Controls/Volume button in the top right corner, then open Mode Controls.
  3. Enable Random Draw. This will open the Random Draw dialog.
  4. In the Random Draw dialog, switch to the Member Draw tab, then set an initial Draw Title and Draw Display Time.
  5. Ensure you have a valid .csv file (How do I make a .csv?) with your entry data in it. Then click Import File and select it from your computer.
  6. Once uploaded, you’ll be presented with a row selection screen. If your spreadsheet has built-in headers (e.g. “Member Name” or “Member Number” in the first row), then enable the Has Header? toggle.
  7. If you don’t want to include all of the rows, you can narrow the range of rows that will be used with the row range text boxes in the top right. When you’re happy with the selection, click Layout.
  8. Now you can choose which columns to keep, which will determine which data will display on screen. Tick the columns you’d like to keep and untick those you don’t until the slide preview is showing the correct data. We’d recommend having two columns max; one for member names, one for numbers.
  9. You can also Link 2 columns together and turn them into 1 column (useful for merging firstname + lastname columns) simply re-arrange them into the correct order, then tap the link symbol in-between the columns you’d like to link.
  10. Click Save when you’re ready and you’ll be ready to start the draw from the Web App or open Manage My Nightlife on your phone to run it from there.

Running Member Draw

  1. Press Draw to pull a random name from the list of members. This name will appear on the TV screens attached to your Media Player. Clicking Draw again will pull the next random name and display it, with a small section down the bottom for the previous winners from your Draw History. Press Clear after each draw to remove the Draw History.
  2. After drawing the first entry, you can start a new draw by changing the Draw Title – and, if required, importing a new .csv. Changing the Draw Title without clicking Clear will put each of the previous Draw Titles next to their corresponding winner in the Previous section.
  3. Keep clicking draw until your Member Draw is complete.

The Previous section will only be displayed if you have Display Draw History on TV enabled.

Updated on October 28, 2022

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