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Nightlife Streaming TV – User Guide

With Nightlife, you can easily broadcast live events directly from the Nightlife Media Player and manage them via the Nightlife Streaming TV App.

Haven’t installed your Nightlife Steaming TV Media player yet? Visit the Nightlife Streaming TV page to get started.

The steps below walk you through how to use the Nightlife Streaming TV App — including how to play a stream, switch audio, adjust volume, switch streams, and end a stream.

(PDF) Nightlife Streaming TV – User Guide

Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Manage My Nightlife in order to launch the Steaming TV App.

Launch the Streaming TV App

The Streaming TV app is launched from the Manage My Nightlife app.

  1. Open Manage My Nightlife
  2. Sign In with credentials
  3. Check In to the Music Zone
  4. Navigate to the Video Outputs screen
  5. Launch the app by tapping the Streaming TV button under Games & Streams.

Playing a Stream

To seamlessly switch from music playback to a live stream:

  1. Click Display Stream on the live stream you wish to display.
    • Once loaded, the stream visuals will display on screen(s).
  2. Check that the correct live stream is displaying on your screen(s).
    • Music will continue to play until manually switched to Stream Audio.
  3. Use the switcher at the bottom of the screen to switch to Stream Audio.
    • This will stop music playback and start the stream audio.

Adjusting Volume

To change the volume of the stream or music playback:

  1. Tap the volume icon in the bottom right to reveal the volume slider.
  2. Adjust the volume using the slider.

The volume slider controls both Music Audio and Stream Audio. For example, adjustments to the stream audio volume will also be applied to the music volume, when switched back.

Switching Streams

To switch between live streams:

  1. Click Display Stream on the live stream you wish to display.
    • To play stream audio, ensure Stream Audio is selected via the Audio Switcher at the bottom of the screen.

Ending a Stream

To end the stream and return to music playback:

  1. Adjust volume level, as needed.
  2. Switch to Music Audio using the switcher at the bottom of the screen.
    • The music will resume playback and the stream audio will stop.
  3. Press Stop Stream to end the live stream.

Pressing Stop Stream before switching to Music Audio may result in brief audio silence. Follow the steps above to avoid this.

Updated on June 17, 2024

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