Featuring Australian Artists and Hottest 100 Contenders

Nightlife is here to help you theme your music from the 23rd til the 26th January for venues wanting to use this period to feature Australian Artists or Hottest 100 contenders. Key dates through this period are:

  • 23/1/2021 – Triple J’s Hottest 100
  • 24/1/2021 – Triple J’s Hottest 200
  • 26/1/2021 – Australia Day Public Holiday

This guide will cover:

Feature Triple J Hottest 100 Contenders or Australian Artists

Register your details with us to flavour your scheduled music with either Triple J Hottest 100 contenders or music from the best Australian Artists automatically from the 23rd til the 26th of January, after which it will be removed from programming automatically.

To keep your usual venue atmosphere alive, we’ll weave in one song from your chosen option every 10 minutes.


The registration form will close on January 21st.

Play the #HOTTEST100 DJ Set

Override your usual evening schedule with a programmed DJ set full of 2021’s Hottest 100 Contenders.

Play the DJ set at your venue following these steps:

  1. Open Manage My Nightlife on your phone. (DJ set queuing is not currently available on the web app).
  2. Open the Menu and select Queue Lists
  3. Select All Lists, then choose Nightlife Lists
  4. Under the DJ Sets heading, tap the circle next to the #JJJ HOTTEST 100
  5. Tap the shuffle arrows to turn off shuffle mode and switch to queue mode
  6. Tap Queue List
  7. Set the playlist length by turning Limit Playlist Length on, changing the options to suit.
  8. Decide whether to allow crowdDJ requests during the DJ set – to avoid any unusual song choices coming through during this period it’s recommended to set Manual Cue crowdDJ requests on.
  9. Hit Queue List to go.
  10. Your playlist page will show a timer to indicate how long the DJ set has left to run.

TIP: For more information about loading up DJ sets on Nightlife, head to the support article on DJ Sets

Play the #AUSTRALIA DAY BBQ featured list

The featured Australia Day BBQ playlist can be found with your other featured DJ SETS.

Do you need to turn off your regularly scheduled music?

Your music is programmed to change throughout the day to suit your venue, but if you want to theme your day differently, you may wish to disable scheduled list changes temporarily. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you are ready with your Manage My Nightlife app, and sign in
  2. Tap the the top left menu icon to open the side menu, choose Controls, then tap Mode Controls on the right to expand it to display the control options., Tap the button next to ‘Scheduler’ to turn it off.

If this option has been disabled, Contact Us to have it enabled

If the playlist you select runs out of songs, your scheduler may turn itself back on and play your normal daily music again. Simply turn off the scheduler again and load up your chosen list/lists again if you want to repeat the content.

Load the #AUSTRALIA DAY BBQ Playlist

  1. Tap the the top left menu icon to open the side menu, choose Load Lists
  2. Tap the All Lists tab, then expand the Nightlife Lists subheading
  3. Look under the DJ SETS category and find the #AUSTRALIA DAY BBQ list
  4. Select it by tapping the circle to the left of the list name, then tap Shuffle Play at the bottom of the screen
  5. If you want to end the playlist early, simply reverse these steps:
    1. Choose Controls, Mode Controls, and Turn the Scheduler on
    2. Choose Load Lists, then Clear Playlist in the bottom right, and Clear Songs (or All Songs to also clear manually selected songs).

If you run into any issues, or have other questions, please Contact Us

Updated on January 25, 2021

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