Three Nightlife tips to come back stronger post COVID-19

Whether you are new to Nightlife or working hard to return to normal operations after COVID-19, our suite of included services make music and vision one less thing to worry about.

With our web and phone apps, making an impression on your customer is easy; capture your customer’s attention with music, bridge the gap between live entertainment and DJs and access a library of COVID-19 compliance messages – helping your customers to feel comfortable.

#1 Remote control your Nightlife

As a first step, get your hands on our powerful phone app Manage My Nightlife. This app is your remote control for Nightlife and is available from your preferred app store. Before you begin, a bit of set up is required but once you’ve got it running you are ready to rock!

Manage My Nightlife lets you control the mood of your venue by pressing play on a new song or list or turning up the volume.

Download the free Manage My Nightlife app from the App Store or Google Play on your phone, or use the Web App on your PC.

How to change the volume

TIP: For music to make an impact, your customers need to hear it, so make sure your volume is turned up.

#2 Bring back the party post COVID

Your Nightlife Media Player runs on a hand-crafted music and visuals schedule built to your requirements. However, you may want to mix things up on occasion and change the mood of your venue by loading a new list. We have a range of quality Nightlife lists that can be selected from Manage My Nightlife, however, there are also a series of programmed DJ lists called DJ SETS.

You can have a great DJ style atmosphere… without a DJ.

DJ SETS will play each song out just like a DJ – helping bridge the gap between bands and live entertainment. Maintain the energy between tracks with these special lists; DJ SETS are designed to play in a specific order with customised cue-points.

For information on how to find and load these lists check out the links below.

How to load a playlist

How to load a DJ Set

TIP: Fresh sets to cover you for any party are being added in regularly so check the app for new content.

#3 Put your screens to work

Our digital signage library now includes COVID compliance messaging to put your customer’s minds at ease. Find these key messages in The Manage My Nightlife web app, under Advertising Library.

How to add slides from the Advertising Library

TIP: If you are a large group and would like to roll these out across your screen network, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

When uninterrupted music is a priority – i.e.  Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Restaurants – it’s best to make use of our static and subtitled COVID content, otherwise, a Public Service Announcement voice-over can be scheduled on request. Find out more below.

COVID-19 Promos

That’s it! If you need a hand or have questions regarding these tips for making the most of your Nightlife, please reach out to us.

Updated on July 29, 2021

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