Scheduled music

When you become a Nightlife customer, our in-house experts help shape your music and visual playlists to the style and atmosphere you want at your venue.


The Nightlife scheduler is available to every Nightlife customer, and allows you to:

  • Set and forget your background entertainment, knowing the right music is playing at the right time all year round
  • Keep guests entertained and staying longer with the freshest playlists, seamless transitions and consistent beat and tempo all expertly compiled by Nightlife curators and updated fortnightly.

If you’re an existing client and want to change the regular music played at your venue, contact us over Live Chat or by phone, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can reshape your music schedule and content.


Switching between scheduled and loaded playlists

At Nightlife we curate your music schedule to match your regular trading patterns and venue profile. While for the majority of time this allows staff to ‘set and forget’ entertainment, often there are times you need to ‘match music to moments’ on the fly. This is where our load lists feature is a powerful tool to change up the atmosphere at your venue.

Check out the loading playlists page and watch the how-to video

Check out the managing visuals page and watch the how-to video

Refer to the images below to identify when a scheduled (Scheduler Loaded) or loaded (App Loaded) list is currently playing on your system

Updated on February 28, 2020

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