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Every Nightlife Media Player is equipped with an automated feature called the Scheduler. It’s a bespoke music schedule created for your business based on your specific customers and weekly trading patterns. It automatically queues content and adjusts system settings to keep the atmosphere consistent.

Each studio produced track will play seamlessly without gaps or repeats, maintaining a consistent beat, just as though a DJ were playing in your venue.

The Scheduler follows a 7-day plan of music and visuals that has been curated for your venue.

How The Music And Visuals Schedule Is Created

During onboarding, Nightlife will discuss the following with a venue: 

  • Their expectations for music (and visuals, if required) 
  • The needs of their business 
  • Their customers 
  • Trading patterns 
  • Demographics  

Nightlife then uses this information to program an hourly, 7-day music and visuals schedule for the venue.

This is designed to create and maintain the desired, in-venue atmosphere for customers and staff throughout the day.

How The Scheduler Works

Once a Nightlife system is powered on, it will automatically begin playing music and visuals from its programmed schedule. This is the Scheduler in action!

Throughout the day, the Scheduler will adjust various elements of music and visuals in a venue according to the programmed schedule, including: 

  • Current playlist 
  • Volume of content 
  • Beatwave & the speed of music 
  • Ambient visuals playing 
  • Explicit filter (i.e turning it on/off) 
  • crowdDJ mode 

Users can review their venue’s programmed schedule via the Scheduler page in the Manage My Nightlife web app. On this page there are various lanes that break down the content and settings that have been programmed for the week, which the Scheduler will use to maintain music and visuals.

How to view the Scheduler page in the Manage My Nightlife Web App

  1. Open the Manage My Nightlife Web App
  2. In the Menu, select the Scheduler page

Managing The Scheduler

Nightlife users can view their 7-day programmed schedule via the Scheduler page – which is accessible from the Menu in the Manage My Nightlife web app.

Each lane on the Scheduler page lists what content or settings have been programmed hourly across a 7-day music and visual schedule. It also records any unexpected incidents or content overrides.

Understanding the lanes on the Scheduler page 

This is a scheduled event or incident that interrupts the Scheduler, turning it off temporarily.
The Scheduler can be programmed to intermittently ‘flavour’ the current playlist with music from another list in the Nightlife library. 

The Scheduler will play one song from the list displayed in this lane at regular intervals. The interval rate is listed at the end of the lane. 
For example, 20m means one song will be played from the Flavour list every 20 minutes. 
Music Lists
These are the Nightlife music lists that the Scheduler will use to create the Current Playlist. The songs the Scheduler selects from these lists for the Current Playlist are determined by several factors, including:

1. Programmed beat wave for the time of day

The Scheduler has a pre-programmed algorithm that sets a rising and falling tempo for music at various points of the day to ensure it best suits trading patterns, demographics and customers.

To maintain this tempo, the Scheduler will only use songs that closely match the beat of the song before and after – each one being slightly faster or slower, depending where in the wave pattern they are located. 

2. Programmed percentage for each music list

When multiple lists are programmed to play, a percentage is assigned to each one that determines how much content the Scheduler should use from the list for the Current Playlist. 

3. Content programmed to play in custom order

Nightlife has a range of music lists for specific events and holidays that have been set to play in their custom order. If one of these lists has been added to the Scheduler’s programming, it will be played in its custom order.  

4. Status of the Explicit Filter

If the Explicit Filter is turned ON, explicit audio and visuals will not be pulled into the Current Playlist by the Scheduler. 
Ambient Visuals
These are the ambient visual lists that has the Scheduler been programmed to play on screens.
Explicit Filter
When displayed as ON, explicit audio and video will be filtered out of the Media Player’s library. This means both the Scheduler and Manage My Nightlife users will not be able to find and play explicit content.
This shows the current crowdDJ mode – Jukebox, DJ Mode or OFF.

How To Temporarily Override The Scheduler

Manage My Nightlife users can temporarily override the Scheduler at any time by queuing new music lists to add to the Current Playlist or ambient visual lists to display on screens.  

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Updated on July 16, 2024

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