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Scheduling Music with Nightlife

When you join Nightlife, our expert team sets up your Media Player with a bespoke music schedule created for your business, based on your specific customers and trading patterns. We take care of your music lists ensuring they are on brand and appropriate for your venue, so that you can get on with your business. 

This article aims to help you find and play music in your venue, and give you the tools and tips to match our playlists to your customers effectively. Each studio-produced track will play seamlessly without gaps or repeats, maintaining a consistent beat – just as though a DJ were playing live in your venue.

How do I know what music has been scheduled? 

Your unique music program is viewed in the Manage My Nightlife web app.

Access is easy:

Click on “Scheduler” in the left-hand menu to go to the Weekly Scheduler Page. 

The Weekly Scheduler displays the custom music and visual rotation that has been curated for your venue. The combination of lists, explicit filter, ambient visuals and crowdDJ® are displayed in rows across the duration of each day – just like a 7 day diary or planner. 

How can I change my music? 

In addition to your custom schedule playing along in your venue, there are two ways you can manage your music and change it up with Manage My Nightlife.  

  1. Queue music lists temporarily. Change up your music immediately with Queue/Schedule Lists.
  2. Schedule lists for the future – Plan ahead for the weekend and special events with the One-off Scheduler. Queue one list or more to play at a certain day and time. 
  3. Take full control of your 7-day schedule with the new feature that allows you to edit the Weekly Scheduler yourself.

Bear in mind, we are always available to help you adjust your music library and schedule.  

I’ve got the overview now I’m ready to get started

We suggest you become familiar with queuing and playing lists live in your venue. Our apps make it easy to experiment and listen to the different lists available and find similar lists that will also sound great in your venue. Discover what you like and what works for you, your customers and your trading patterns. Now you are ready to schedule music ahead of time.

Expand the headings below to learn more.

Make the most of your system by getting involved in switching up your music. The One-off Scheduler in Manage My Nightlife allows you to plan ahead for the weekend and special events, like holiday parties and functions. You can nominate the exact date and time of day that a one-off music list or group of lists plays.  

When to use the One-off Scheduler 

Use the One-off Scheduler to queue and upload lists for special events such as an over 50s group fitness class, Mother’s Day brunch or private party. Queue the list to play immediately or schedule it for the future. This is useful if you like to plan ahead or if you can’t be at the venue when you need your music to play. 

You can change the music to match the people and mood in your venue at a specific time. 

How do I access and use the One-off Scheduler

In the Scheduler click on the blue button “One-off Scheduler”. View all one-off scheduled lists here. 

Click “Go to Queue/Schedule Lists” to select more lists to queue.

You can edit the duration and time of the session. Music can be scheduled for up to FIVE separate events at a time. 

Try out new lists and get to know what works in your venue before adding them more permanently to your weekly schedule.

Traditionally, clients have been required to contact Nightlife to make changes to their weekly schedule, with only the ability to alter the schedule with one-off lists themselves. Now, you can have access that empowers you to edit the Weekly Scheduler yourself, but of course we are still here to help you.

The Weekly Scheduler is an opt-in feature that enables Manage My Nightlife users to edit the customised 7-day music rotation that Nightlife has created for your venue. Create the best experience for the precise customers in your venue at that time each week. 

Currently, the Weekly Scheduler can only be used to edit music programming.   

When to use the Weekly Scheduler

As this feature enables users to edit a venue’s customised 7-day music rotation, it should only be used for long-term adjustments like refreshing the music, adding seasonal music (such as a summertime list) or aligning music with a new venue timetable. 

How do I use the Weekly Scheduler?

It’s easy for us to set you and your authorised staff up with the ability to permanently edit your weekly schedule. To ensure you stay in control of who has access, get in touch with us so we can opt in on your preferences.

Once you have opted in to edit your weekly schedule, you can edit a range of music programming options for your venue. 

In the Scheduler, click on the green button “Edit Weekly Scheduler”. 

PLEASE NOTE: Users can only edit the Weekly Scheduler via the Manage My Nightlife WEB APP. 

Once you have opened the Weekly Scheduler, you will be able to make the following edits: 

  • Update the start and end time of a music slot 
  • Add or remove lists from a music slot 
  • Make bulk changes to matching slots on other days
  • Copy lists from one slot to another
  • Create new music slots
  • Filter music by beats per minute (BPM), date range, and percentage which allows you to play more of one list over another

The selection of playlists you have available to choose from in your account is built to be brand- safe. Staff can browse the music lists available to your venue, choose what works best for your customers and be their own music managers. 

This should give you some tips on how to get started. Rest assured, our software is intuitive, so you’ll be able to click around confidently to edit your music. If you’d like any further help please contact us.

Updated on July 4, 2024

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