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About Spotify integration

Spotify integration lets you play matched music from your Spotify Playlists through the Nightlife Media Player.

Connect your Spotify account and check your Playlists against the Nightlife Library of songs. Any playlists that find matches can be queued alongside Nightlife’s curated lists or used as a separate picking list.


In the Manage My Nightlife app:

  • Import Spotify lists to the Nightlife Media Player so guests and staff can play your tracks
  • Queue your Spotify music with our Nightlife lists to create a mixtape suited to your venue.

In the crowdDJ app:

  • Guests can add tracks from their Spotify lists to the venue playlist
  • Guests can copy the venue playlist to Spotify and take the music home.

Getting started

Simply connect your Spotify account to the Manage My Nightlife or crowdDJ apps.

Guide: How to Queue Spotify Playlists

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Updated on December 21, 2022

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