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Hosting Functions with Nightlife

When running a function in your venue, you can control the music using the Manage My Nightlife app or use our Guest-Hosted feature to hand controls to your guests via a kiosk or personal device with crowdDJ.

About Guest-Hosted Functions

The Manage My Nightlife app allows your staff to give direct control of the music to the nominated host of the function.

For you, the benefits of Guest-Hosted Functions include:

  • Staff can confidently ‘set and forget’ the function’s entertainment
  • Monitoring selections is easy and staff can take back control at any time
  • Guests don’t need to cable their devices to your venue’s AV system
  • You have peace of mind, knowing all music being played is licensed and legal

For your guests, the benefits include:

  • The power to MC their own event with volume, playback and music control
  • The ability to link their Spotify account and queue playlists, when using crowdDJ on their own device

Getting started

To get started, you will need to:

  • Be a Nightlife customer
  • Download the free Manage My Nightlife app from the App Store or Google Play onto a device, or use the web-app on your PC
  • Have your Manage My Nightlife login credentials ready
  • Sign in to the app on your phone, Nightlife Tablet or PC.

To control a function on their own device, a guest will need to first download the crowdDJ app and check into your location. Alternatively, your crowdDJ Kiosk can be handed the host controls.

Handing Host Control

  1. On the Manage My Nightlife App, navigate to the Controls screen.
  2. Expand crowdDJ settings.
  3. Click the crowdDJ Host Devices button.
    • If you are handing control to a guest’s device, ensure that the crowdDJ app is open and checked into the correct venue.
  4. Select the device that you are handing host controls to and then proceed to the next screen.
  5. Select how long you’d like that device to have host controls for.
    • Once the session time is finished, the host device will return to regular crowdDJ functionality.
  6. Press Save and check that the guest’s device updates with Host Controls.
    • If you ever need to revoke control early, navigate back to the crowdDJ Host Devices section in the Manage My Nightlife App, and click Clear Host Devices.
Updated on April 9, 2024

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