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crowdDJ Karaoke Event

crowdDJ Karaoke Event is ideal for venues hosting official karaoke events with a dedicated host. Using this Karaoke mode, hosts have complete control over what song plays and when.

Taking song requests is easy. Participants request songs via the crowdDJ app or crowdDJ Kiosk. Staff members or hosts can easily manage these requests – with the ability to announce each song before pressing play.

Looking to hold a more casual karaoke event that doesn’t require a host? Check out our Karaoke Jukebox solution.

Before the Karaoke Event

Start by setting the vibe of the event by queuing Music Lists that suit your atmosphere. This will create background music that will play between each karaoke song, keeping the energy up.

  1. Open the Manage My Nightlife app and navigate to the Queue Lists Screen.
  2. Expand Nightlife Lists.
  3. Tap the square against the list(s) you’d like to queue.
  4. Tap Queue Lists.
    • For phone or tablet devices, choose Timed Shuffle from the pop-up menu
  5. Set the time you want the list(s) to play for by editing the Session Duration.
  6. Tap Queue Lists.

Karaoke Event Instructions

  1. From the Manage My Nightlife app, navigate to the Controls screen.
  2. Expand Mode Controls.
  3. Toggle Karaoke ON and then press OK.
  4. Toggle Manual Cue ON and then press OK.
  5. Navigate to the Current Playlist screen to view the requests coming in.
    • The background music that was queued before the event will display a blue (A) next to each song, to represent that they will continue to play automatically.
    • Karaoke requests will display an orange (M) next to each song to represent that they will need to be played manually.
  6. Once ready to begin karaoke, introduce a singer to the stage.
    • Choose any karaoke track from the playlist. No need to play tracks in the order they were selected.
  7. When the singer is ready, tap the drop-down arrow to the right of the song to expand the karaoke track.
    • If using Manage My Nightlife in your browser, tap the song to expand the karaoke track
  8. Then, tap the Play button in the bottom left of the expanded view.
    • When the karaoke song finishes, the next automatic background song will play until the next singer is introduced.
  9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 until the karaoke event is finished.

If required, staff can SKIP or RESTART a track using the control bar.

Ending Karaoke

When you’re ready to end the Karaoke event, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Controls screen.
  2. Expand Mode Controls.
  3. Toggle Karaoke OFF.
    • crowdDJ will switch back to regular song requests.
  4. If there are any karaoke songs left in the playlist that need clearing, navigate to the Queue Lists screen and click the Currently Queued Lists tab. Then, click the Clear Playlist button at the bottom of the screen.
    • The playlist will then revert back to scheduled lists.

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Updated on June 18, 2024

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