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Why did my music change back to the default playlist?

Each Nightlife client has a customized music program that has been designed with you to follow the changing requirements of your venue across the day and week.  At agreed times of the day and week, different playlists and combinations of playlists are scheduled to automatically change, which keeps you free to focus on running your venue.

If you’ve manually loaded up a playlist, keep an eye on the time.  Your scheduled lists kick in at various agreed times across the day.  While you can disable these scheduled list changes temporarily, be sure to get in touch with us to discuss either changing or improving your music brief to get the most from your service.

To disable scheduled list changes temporarily:

  1. Sign into Manage My Nightlife
  2. Go to Controls -> Settings -> Mode Controls, and set ‘Scheduler’ to off
  3. Remember to turn your scheduler back on when you’re ready to return to your normally programmed music, otherwise your music will stop once your manually selected music runs out.

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Updated on September 19, 2019

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