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Installing the Nightlife Tablet

This is a resource hub for information and documentation that supports the set up and installation of a Nightlife Tablet.

Choosing the best location for installation

When installing the Nightlife Tablet, use the questions below for guidance on placement.

  • Is the proposed location in an area staff can easily and regularly access?
  • Are there nearby power points for cabling?
  • Can music be heard clearly where the Nightlife Tablet is located?

Installation Guide

The Nightlife Tablet Installation Guide contains the specifications, installation instructions and a list of included equipment for this device.

For support with installing this equipment, please contact us.

Connecting the Nightlife Tablet to a Wi-Fi network

If using a Nightlife-supplied Router, the Nightlife Tablet will be preconfigured to automatically connect to it’s Wi-Fi signal when powered on. To ensure this occurs, place the device within range of the router.

If using an independent router, follow these steps to connect the Nightlife Tablet to its Wi-Fi signal:

  1. Press the Home button on the Nightlife Tablet to exit the Manage My Nightlife app
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Choose the Wi-Fi settings option
  4. Find the venue’s Wi-Fi network and connect.

Activating the Nightlife Tablet lock screen

The Nightlife Tablet’s lock screen can be set to activate after an idle period. Once triggered, staff will need to enter a 4-digit pin to unlock the screen and access music and visuals controls.

To turn on the Nightlife Tablet lock screen function:

  1. Open the Manage My Nightlife app on the Nightlife Tablet
  2. From the Menu, select the Settings page
  3. Under Music System Controls, expand the TurnTablet heading
  4. Switch the Screen Lock toggle ON
  5. In the Lock Screen After drop-down, nominate an idle time to trigger the lock screen

Unlocking the Nightlife Tablet

When activated, the Nightlife Tablet’s lock screen can be unlocked using the device’s 4-digit pin.

To find the 4-digit pin for the device:

  1. Open the Manage My Nightlife app on the Nightlife Tablet, a PC or smart phone
  2. From the Menu, select the Settings page
  3. Tap the Turn Tablet Password button
  4. A pop-up will appear with the Nightlife Tablet’s 4-digit pin
Updated on June 5, 2023

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