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Installing the crowdDJ Kiosk

This is a resource hub for information and documentation that supports the set up and installation of a crowdDJ Kiosk and Kiosk surround.

Specification Sheets

Before beginning installation, use the crowdDJ Kiosk Specification Sheet to make sure the device can be placed in its proposed location.

Select from the options below to download the most relevant crowdDJ Kiosk Specification Sheet

Choosing the best location for installation

When installing the crowdDJ Kiosk, it is important to pick a place that is well lit and in a high-traffic, easily-accessible area.

Use the questions below for further guidance on the best location for the crowdDJ Kiosk in a venue.

  • Is the Kiosk near to and visible from high traffic areas in the venue?
  • Is the Kiosk visible from the entrance of the venue?
  • Is the area well lit? Dedicated lighting for the Kiosk is even better!
  • Are there nearby power points and data outlets for cabling?
  • Can you hear the music clearly where the Kiosk is?
  • Are there nearby TV screens to promote the Kiosk?
Example of an optimal location for the crowdDJ Kiosk (with Kiosk surround)

Installation Guides

The crowdDJ Kiosk Installation Guide contains the specifications, installation instructions and a list of included equipment for this device.

Nightlife recommends using a qualified AV Technician to install the crowdDJ Kiosk and any supporting devices.

For support with installing this equipment, please contact us.

Updated on June 13, 2023

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