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Hosting Trivia – Initial Setup

This guide is for Hosts of Trivia using Nightlife Media Players.

The first time you run trivia at a new venue, you’ll need to run some basic checks to ensure your audio and video will work perfectly.

Initial Checks

  • Confirm that the venue is able to display Nightlife music clips on their TVs.
  • Ensure relevant TVs are switched to the appropriate channel or source to Nightlife display video clips.
  • To host the event reliably, the venue must leave their Nightlife media player connected to the internet 24/7 to allow for quiz file downloads and software updates

How to Change Configuration Options

  • Head to and sign in with your credentials
  • Ensure a quiz is available to select. Quiz files are distributed weekly, and should be available the day before your trivia night.
  • Select the quiz. This will take some time, depending on the size of the quiz file.
  • Start Quiz.
  • Use the Configuration menu to make adjustments as required
    • Quiz Volume – adjusts the volume of quiz
    • Screen Edges – adjusts the margin to better fit the quiz to your screens
    • Audio and Video Outputs – Options to change your outputs.
  • The following configuration items are presented as Read Only options
    • Music Zone – Shows which music zone is associated with the quiz
    • Music Volume – Preset for you. Read only.

Make sure to check that you have the right quiz file available on the day of the quiz so there is enough time to arrange any changes or resolve any problems.

Updated on July 19, 2022

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