crowdDJ® controls

Manage crowdDJ settings for each zone in your venue using the Manage My Nightlife app on your phone, Turntablet® or PC.


At any time, anywhere, you can use the Manage My Nightlife app to:

  • Manage crowdDJ settings for each zone in your venue
  • Adjust your venue’s crowdDJ app and Kiosk credit policies
  • Control crowdDJ requests, for example if you are the MC at an event.

Getting started

To get started, you will need to:

  • Be a Nightlife customer
  • Download the free Manage My Nightlife app from the App Store or Google Play to your phone, or use the web-app on your PC
  • Have your Manage My Nightlife login credentials ready
  • Sign into the app on your phone, Turntablet or PC.


Displaying the crowdDJ Access Code on your venue’s screens

Depending on your venue’s crowdDJ configuration, guests may be required to enter an Access Code to pick songs in crowdDJ.

An Access Code is used when a venue decides to restrict crowdDJ selections to guests who can see and enter the code displayed on nearby screens. Guests are prompted to input this code in crowdDJ when selecting a song.

The Access Code is best used for systems in private spaces, like a function room, to keep crowdDJ selections exclusive to guests located in that room.

To enable or disable the crowdDJ Access Code for a system in your venue, contact us over Live Chat or by phone.

Follow the steps below to display the crowdDJ Access Code on your venue’s screens.

  1. Sign into the Manage My Nightlife app or web-app
  2. Check In to the music zone you want to manage
  3. Go to Menu > Controls > crowdDJ controls
  4. Tap Display Access Code – the code will appear on all the screens you have connected to the music zone
  5. Your guests can then refer to this code and enter it into the crowdDJ app when picking their favourite songs.

If you have not set a crowdDJ Access Code, but guests are being prompted to enter a code when using crowdDJ, refer to this troubleshooting page to resolve the issue.

Changing the crowdDJ credit policy

You can change the crowdDJ app and Kiosk policies to manage how many credits guests receive to pick songs and how often their credits get refreshed.

Credits are used to limit the number of songs a guest can consecutively pick in crowdDJ. This ensures everyone using crowdDJ in your venue gets a chance to pick and listen to their favourite tracks.

The Refresh Time determines when the credits get refreshed for a guest after they’ve been exhausted.

  1. Sign into the Manage My Nightlife app or web-app
  2. Check In to the music zone you want to manage
  3. Go to Menu > Controls > crowdDJ controls
  4. Scroll down to the App and Kiosk Credit Policy sections
  5. Adjust the credit refresh time and maximum allowed credits.

Changing crowdDJ modes

Using the Manage My Nightlife app, you can toggle between crowdDJ modes to suit certain scenarios at your venue.

Jukebox Mode

Jukebox Mode is the default setting for crowdDJ. Having this mode selected ensures both the crowdDJ app and Kiosk allow guests to search and pick songs. Think of this as the ‘On’ button for crowdDJ.

MC / DJ Mode

MC / DJ Mode activates features that make it easier to control the music and crowdDJ requests during an event. This feature is recommend only for experienced Manage My Nightlife users. Activating MC / DJ Mode enables the following features:

  • Adds a Requests tab on the Current Playlist page that allows you to order, play or remove crowdDJ requests and see who requested the song
  • It adds a counter to crowdDJ requests so you can see which songs are being requested multiple times
  • It removes all limits on playing songs from the same artist.
Updated on February 28, 2020

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