DJ Sets

DJ Sets are special, curated lists that are designed to play in a specific order. The songs are sequenced to sound great one after the other, with a consistently flowing BPM and custom cue points to make tracks mix together perfectly. This makes DJ Sets the perfect solution for group fitness classes and a budget-friendly alternative for live bands or DJ’s.

While in the venue, your staff can manually load these lists, choosing how long they should play for. At the end of the session, your music will seamlessly revert to your normally scheduled lists to ensure there are no gaps.

With over 4 hours of content each, DJ Sets will always sound fresh. Just change the starting song in the list for a completely different set of tracks when they are loaded.

When should you use a DJ set?

DJ Sets will immediately put the focus on the music, entertaining the crowd with no filler, all killer songs – just as if a DJ were playing. There are plenty of times when music should come to the foreground:

Boost your Happy Hour

Run a Group Fitness Class

Power up your Dancefloor

An alternative for Live Entertainment

There are many other occasions where a DJ Set can bring your music to the foreground, but different situations require different styles of music, so make sure to choose the most appropriate one from our range of options.

What DJ Sets are available?

Our list of DJ Sets is always growing, so keep an eye out for new lists appearing in your app. Here are a few DJ Set examples:

DJ Party

Get the crowd going with these familiar party favourites.

Mix Club

Get the dance-floor bumping.

Mix Dance

These happy dance tracks will make you move.


Dance and pop beats, perfect for cardio focused classes.

In addition to these, you will also have access to a variety of other DJ sets designed to suit your business. To see what lists you have available, open the Manage My Nightlife app and check out All Lists.

How do you load a DJ Set?

DJ Sets are loaded by you or your staff with the Manage My Nightlife app (available on iOS or Android). Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Manage My Nightlife
  2. Open the Menu
  3. Select Load Lists
  4. Select All Lists
  5. Select Nightlife Lists
  6. Under the DJ Sets heading, tap the circle to select the list you want to play
  7. If the Mix List button is visible, tap the  icon to switch to queue mode
  8. Tap Queue List
  9. Optional: Set a playlist length (Your music will automatically revert to the scheduler after this time has elapsed)
  10. Optional: Scroll through the list to change which track the DJ Set will begin with. This lets you play different sets of music within the same list
  11. Once you are happy with your starting track hit Queue List

More Help

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Updated on July 16, 2020

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