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Hosting Trivia – Using Trivia Control

This guide is for Hosts of Trivia using Nightlife Media Players.

Initial Checks

  • Ensure relevant TVs are switched to the appropriate channel or source to Nightlife display video clips and you can hear the Nightlife audio.
  • If this is the first time Nightlife Trivia has been used at the venue, ensure you have first completed the steps in this guide: Hosting Trivia – Initial Setup

Using Trivia Control – Basics

  • Head to and sign in with your credentials
  • Ensure your quiz is available to select. Quiz files are distributed weekly, and should be available the day before your trivia night.

Make sure to check that you have the right quiz file available by 3pm on the day of the quiz so there is enough time to arrange any changes or resolve any problems.

  • Select the quiz. This will take some time, depending on the size of the quiz file.
  • Start Quiz.
  • Loaded the wrong quiz file? Click Stop Quiz and reselect as above.
  • The Next button will proceed you to the next slide, or next load the next content.
  • If you’re taking a break during the quiz and need Nightlife music to kick back in, choose Hide Quiz from the Select Quiz menu. Use Start Quiz to resume from where you left off.
  • When your quiz has finished, it is important to click the Stop Quiz button to remove the quiz from your TV screens and restart your music and videos.

There is a Jump to Slide # function found under Configuration in the top Menu bar.

Using Trivia Control – Score Card


  • Click Scorecard to open a scorecard tab in your browser or app.
  • Click Create New Scorecard and choose your quiz provider from the menu, and confirm with create new scorecard.
  • You can edit the title if required, and add in your name as the Quiz Host
  • While your settings should be autoconfigured, you can access advanced settings to change things like how to display scores and allowing fractional scores.
  • When you’re ready to proceed, click Manage Teams, set the number of teams you have and click Add Teams
  • You can now add team names. If the team has played before with the same team name, it should auto populate in the field.
  • Set the teams Joker Round, making sure to follow the rules specific to your quiz.
  • Click the Save button. Note that you can come back and add teams later if you have latecomers.
  • You can use the Preview button to check out the score card.


  • On the Scorecard tab, click Manage Scores
  • Add the scores for each team for each round and hit Save Changes as you go.
  • At any time, click Preview + Show on Screen to display the scorecard in the venue. Make sure you click Hide when you’re done with displaying the scorecard.
  • Once the quiz is complete, hit the Complete button from the dashboard, which locks the scorecard and prevents further changes.
  • View the completed scorecard by toggling the completed scorecards option.
  • The Preview option still allows you to show the completed scoreboard in the venue.
  • You can also click the Share button to copy a link to let you share the results in your bar or on your social media.
  • If the same teams are playing the following week, use the Copy option to create a fresh scorecard with the same team names, but all scores set to 0.
  • Once you are finished with the score card, you can close the tab and return to the trivia control.
  • Ensure you Stop Quiz at the end of the Trivia event so that the Nightlife system resumes normal operation.
Updated on July 19, 2022

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